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Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's been a shame, that over the last year, I haven't been able to keep any plants alive in my planter boxes, or large planter pot. There are no dripper lines to these planting areas, and I'm a bad plant owner when it comes to needing to water at a high frequency... I hate all the dead things... not only does it look messy, but it's bad feng sui.

So, I've lately found myself drawn to the beautiful colors of the succulent plants I always see out front our local OSH. Cactus, no, but all those other ones, yes please! And, to find out that these puppies not only like but THRIVE on neglect, and can live in both hot and cold, I thought, sign me up.

So, while on a thrift store whirlwind today, I found a gorgeous aqua crackle pedestal pot that I'm going to make a succulent arrangement in. Here now, are some inspirations. Pictures to come soon!

(So many great projects for the long labor day weekend!)

This arrangement is planted in an old metal kitchen colander!
I Love Love Love these muted jewel tones
These are silk, but you can't tell

You can even add some succulents to your dining table arrangements, or coffee table arrangements

And here, are some other awesome arrangements (Check out that wreath- how heavy do you think that thing is?!)

Wouldn't that look awesome in an outdoor patio area? Gorgeous!
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