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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Easter Egg Tree

To add to my collection of growing spring decor, I wanted an Easter touch for the dining room table:

A few months ago (6 to be exact?) I picked up some thin branches and twigs to use in an arrangement, but never got around to it.  With Easter coming up, I wanted an Easter Egg tree, and the best way I could think to pull it off was to use the twigs I already had.  (I mean, after all I had handpicked each one of them, and gotten odd stares from people at the dog park.  Yes, I picked them up at the dog park, and yes, the dogs sniff them uncontrollably when they're are at their level.  :)  )

Anyway, back to the project.  I purchased these small packs of eggs at the dollar store- just what I needed:  they were already great colors, and the styrofoam was smooth.

I had seen this great idea of covering them with seed beads online somewhere (can't remember where right now) so I had been striving to replicate that.

I thought I would purchase matching colored beads, but remembered that back in the day, I used to bead all.the.time and had buckets (litteraly) of beads to draw off of.  So I got the colors together, mixed up a "plate" for each color then just used some white glue and a paint brush.  Rolling the eggs didn't quite work, so I just grabbed pinches of the mixture then sprinkled over the eggs.





They dried overnight, and I added them to the carefully placed twig arrangements.  Oh, and I added some of my moss "rocks" to the vase for some dimension.  And, I placed the bunny on the table next to the eggs.  Yay for Spring, and Yay for Easter!  I just love these colors, so cheery, happy, and fresh.






So, have you decorated with sticks, twigs, or branches?  I love bringing the outside in.  How do you arrange your earthy touches?

Tell me!  Oh, and that 200th follower giveaway is coming soon... just need a few more days!
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