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Monday, January 18, 2010

Key to my Art

Haha, I feel clever with that title!  :)

One of the million 10 projects or so I did between Friday and Sunday night this week, is this shadow box Key Framed Art piece (did you like that teaser list of projects Saturday?!):

I purchased the set of 7 vintage inspired keys with a gift card from Pottery Barn (Thanks Sandy!).  They were $19 with free shipping, and you can see them here.  They were another item from my "wists" (see left frame, toward the middle...) When I unwrapped them, truthfully I was disappointed, but was rejuvenated Saturday when I came across the perfect frame on clearance at HomeGoods.  $10?  Yep.  Check.  (Oh, and side note... you will be blown away by what I scored at HomeGoods this weekend!  I'll share that over the week)

So, here's what I did.

I had to dismember dismantle this insanely well built frame that I paid peanuts for.  Like, it took the big guns to take apart and pop that odd artwork out.  Much more difficult than anticipated!  The glue was like a 1/4" thick so it left a mark on the fabric.  Lucky me, after the frame in a frame project I did a few weeks back, I had scraps of fabric that was almost a perfect match.  I cut a square out and used some spray adhesive to attach.  I left the edges looking raw intentionally.


(yes, it did take a boxcutter, scissors, a flat head screwdriver, and the end of a hammer to remove the middle plaque.  And I thought I was strong.  My art kicked my ass.)

Next, I decided how the keys would be arranged.  I ended up only using 6 of the 7 keys since one had a bulky midsection and wouldn't have been glue-able nicely.


I used the hot glue gun, and attached each key in two places to the fabric.

I sprayed the frame with some semi gloss black spray paint, to match the black velvet interior shadow box, and because the brown had some scratches.

Then, I finally had to reassemble the monster frame.  I re-glued the velvet panels that lined the shadow box section, and hot glued the wood frame onto the back of the frame once again.



I'm so glad the keys grew on me!  While they're not real vintage, or even real patina-ed, I decided I like the color green that some of them have.  Instead of framing each key seperately, in this piece they look like a series, and will go well with the colors in the new office.  :)

I can't wait to show you the art work in it's place in the new office!  But, we're putting the finishing touches in there, and doing final cleaning up, so I can't just yet.  It'd be embarrassing.  Trust me.  :)

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Happy Monday everyone!

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