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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful Buffet

Wellllp, after much anticipation (mine?) here's the REVEAL to my first project!


AFTER (gorgeous, might I add):

Here's the story:

I purchased this sideboard/buffet (what's the proper term?) at a local thrift store after gaining some serious inspiration from my favorite new blog. I didn't anticipate actually finding anything the first trip I made, however, low and behold this $19.99 buffet was staring me in the face. And, being that I'm visually inclined I could see the beauty in this one.

I started by stripping and sanding the wood. I knew this piece was heavy, but didn't know what type of wood was underneath, so, stripping the paint was the only option, in the off chance I could use the raw wood.

After dealing with the harsh chemicals, and learning a lot about paint strippers (you have to stay by your project, put it on thick, and scrape after it starts to bubble... all things I didn't do of course) I decided that I would paint the buffet. I primed the wood, which we think ended up being cherry, then chose a modern color called "guacamole" by Pittsburgh Paints. I found a great paint for cabinets & trim which is self leveling and doesn't show paint strokes. I used a smooth foam roller anyway since I wanted a smooth look.

All of the old hardware had been painted at some point, with a faux gold finish. I wanted a modern look, so after the first coats of paint went on the wood, I spray painted the hardware (including hinges) semi-gloss black. I needed to sand after the first coat of green paint went on, as I noticed a few bumps and splatters, but all in all it took about 3 coats. My sister and I found a great paper we used to line the drawers by using double stick tape (easy-shmeasy). I love the pattern on the paper- it matches the inner cabinets that are gloss white, and the black hardware.

After the third coat (ok, 2.5 due to sanding...) I let that dry, then added some Wipe on Poly by Minwax, and achieved a durability and shiny coat to protect from what will hopefully be much use. I'm excited to start loading this puppy up with my great glass, dish, and textile collections. :-)

Total Project Cost:
$20 Buffet
$10 Paint Stripper
$3 set of 3 plastic scrapers
$2 sanding blocks
$8 spray primer
$14 paint
$14 new can of Wipe on Poly (plenty left though to do another 10 of this size project)
$4 roll of drawer liner (wrapping paper)
TOTAL: $75 (and, something like this would sell for well over $1100 at Pottery Barn!)

So, did I do a good job?!
Be nice :-)
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