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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Orange Crush

I did it.  I picked the fabrics!  Thanks for the great comments you left me yesterday! 

From the last inspiration post I thought I should do it, and just go with the biggest statement, inspiration photo #4!

That means that today, I purchased these fabrics & findings:


If you recall, I posted this photo as an inspiration yesterday:

Here's my INCREDIBLE score for the day:

--The roll, of orange, 10 yards, $2/yd= $20 (this will make the actual curtains... 4 panels)

--The Zebra print flat fold, 2 yards, $3/yd= $6 (this is for the ottoman, plus there will be extra, since the table is only 20" wide, and I got 54" fabric.  Can you say pillows?!)

--Two 84" pre-made drapery panels in a blue organza fabric, $5/ea=$10 (like the inspiration photo, these will go along the big front windows)

--Orange chevron fabric, a jacquard style, 1 yard, $3.50/yard= $3.50 (for pillows)

--Blue Velvet flat fold, 1 1/4 yard, $2/yard= $2 (they didn't charge me for the 1/4 yard it appears!)  This will also be for pillows

--6 packages of black drapery clips, 7/pack, $2.39/pack= $16.14 (I will have a total of 6 panels in this room...)

--Foam, purchased yesterday, $23 (now just need a bit of batting...)

TOTAL:  $20 + $6 + $10 + $3.50 + $2 + $16.14 + $23=  $80.64 for a total room re-do!

Now, to get to work over the next few days off!  Oh, and I need to learn how to use the sewing machine I'm borrowing from my sister.  :)
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