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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ was a great artist

I wasn't really *that* upset when I heard Michael Jackson had died, although of course the family aspect of it all is horrible. However, over the last few days I've been listening to the albums I have, and I'm finding myself singing along and thinking he was a great artist. He'll be missed. I would be interested in the music that would have come over the years. I hope that his kids, and the rest of his family can get everything figured out and give those cute kids a great stable life.

Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm so stressed I'm ready to cry. I haven't had this many conflicting issues at once before... or else it's been a long time.

I'm headed to bed- hopefully another Starbucks drink will help in the morning.

Why wasn't I born patient? Maybe it's a type A trait.

Night Night

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here's my favorite wreath! Got it for $6.15 at Pier 1. Retail: $65

And, my newest Pier 1 score, Platter & Stand for $16.17. Retail: $65

Stressed Out decisions

So, How do I decide whether or not to do, or not to do something, that has both pros and cons to do it, and not to do it?

This makes my head hurt and stresses me out. My right arm hasn't relaxed over the whole weekend (except when I'm unaware of it and sleeping.)

Let me put this in perspective. I wasn't looking for a new job. While I do feel underpaid at my current job, I generally like most of the people, and the special projects I get to work on. However, the job I've been all but offered, and interviewed with 6 people + the CEO (who I know and suggested the position at his company to me) would be a huge pay bump, a new challenge (new industry), and a director title. But, my current CEO made comments about paying people better (as of Friday) and doesn't want to let me go. I feel it's time for a real, old fashioned pros and cons list.

So, again, I'm conflicted.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute by Filipino prisoners

Oh, and you have to see this. Amazing, and this isn't their only presentation.

Hot day today!

104 isn't normal, but it sure does make me happy! I love the heat. We got a bitty baby pool for the dogs today, and Lexi is all about it. Gunner, eh, not so much.

Picked up our fabulous barstools today, and they look great! Funny thing happened- we had our 3 held and paid for, and there were three left to purchase. A woman with two kids tried to make Zack feel bad because she "really wanted four". LOL. She even walked by us when we loaded them, and said "wow, I'm just so bummed..." We technically wanted 4 as well, but we'll both have to settle for 3. I'm not giving these bad boys up!

Dinner at Ruth's Chris tonight for Mo's birthday. Yum. We should have walked down the street to get ice cream at the San Francisco creamery, but I'm pretty sure buttons would have popped, and clothes seams would have busted. We're staying cool with peppermint patties tonight and the AC instead.

Tomorrow, Pictures!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bargain Hunter

After a long year plus, my shopping trip to HomeGoods yielded exactly what I wanted- Brown Leather 24" bar stools, at a great price: $79/ea. And while I may have seen the same stools elsewhere before, I finally felt compelled to open my wallet and purchase these badboys!

When I got home, after basking in my shopping find glory, I realized, hey, I'm kinda good at this! Whether its the cheery wreath, or the bold platter, or the leather bench, I'm a bargain nut. I love to find an awesome item at an awesome price.

More on those later, and pictures to follow.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Started

I've thought a lot lately about technology and the internet... While a year or so ago I was totally behind the times in terms of social networking and online forums, I've recently become enthralled with them. Recently, as in literally the last week.

I've also always wanted a blog. I don't know why I figured it was difficult, but sitting here, in a little under 2 minutes, I started one up.

I'm hoping to post family, friends, passions (design + photography) here, so stay tuned. It's a great place for me to pose questions too, because, I am a naturally curious person. (How DID all that sand get to the beach?!). Unlike a diary, I hope this is something I check up on more often then not.

So here's my contribution for tonight: I see Angelo Surmelis (a la Rate My Space on HGTV) has created his own furniture line, available in Summer. Is it wrong to be lusting after furniture? I'm a Twitter follower of his just so I can see updates. Swoon.

Ponder that, and good night!
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