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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful Buffet

Wellllp, after much anticipation (mine?) here's the REVEAL to my first project!


AFTER (gorgeous, might I add):

Here's the story:

I purchased this sideboard/buffet (what's the proper term?) at a local thrift store after gaining some serious inspiration from my favorite new blog. I didn't anticipate actually finding anything the first trip I made, however, low and behold this $19.99 buffet was staring me in the face. And, being that I'm visually inclined I could see the beauty in this one.

I started by stripping and sanding the wood. I knew this piece was heavy, but didn't know what type of wood was underneath, so, stripping the paint was the only option, in the off chance I could use the raw wood.

After dealing with the harsh chemicals, and learning a lot about paint strippers (you have to stay by your project, put it on thick, and scrape after it starts to bubble... all things I didn't do of course) I decided that I would paint the buffet. I primed the wood, which we think ended up being cherry, then chose a modern color called "guacamole" by Pittsburgh Paints. I found a great paint for cabinets & trim which is self leveling and doesn't show paint strokes. I used a smooth foam roller anyway since I wanted a smooth look.

All of the old hardware had been painted at some point, with a faux gold finish. I wanted a modern look, so after the first coats of paint went on the wood, I spray painted the hardware (including hinges) semi-gloss black. I needed to sand after the first coat of green paint went on, as I noticed a few bumps and splatters, but all in all it took about 3 coats. My sister and I found a great paper we used to line the drawers by using double stick tape (easy-shmeasy). I love the pattern on the paper- it matches the inner cabinets that are gloss white, and the black hardware.

After the third coat (ok, 2.5 due to sanding...) I let that dry, then added some Wipe on Poly by Minwax, and achieved a durability and shiny coat to protect from what will hopefully be much use. I'm excited to start loading this puppy up with my great glass, dish, and textile collections. :-)

Total Project Cost:
$20 Buffet
$10 Paint Stripper
$3 set of 3 plastic scrapers
$2 sanding blocks
$8 spray primer
$14 paint
$14 new can of Wipe on Poly (plenty left though to do another 10 of this size project)
$4 roll of drawer liner (wrapping paper)
TOTAL: $75 (and, something like this would sell for well over $1100 at Pottery Barn!)

So, did I do a good job?!
Be nice :-)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

All I did was ask...

Total win today- I decided to start asking for a discount at the stores I visited. 1 store was having a 50% sale today on everything, and I left with some old, awesome colored sheet music books I intend to frame. At the next store, I asked for a discount on some furniture, and walked away with a coffee table, and an end table, for a total of $20. Yes, $20.

Pictures to come.

AND- just re-adjusting the guides to the drawers on the buffet, and then, assembled! Full pictures should be ready tomorrow, when it's put together. I'm biting my nails in anticipation- I love it when it's in peices, and I'm hoping I love it even more when it's put together... :-)

Until then, fume headache has taken over, and I'm out to look at my new issue of BHG. (it snuck in my cart at the grocery store last night.)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thrift Scores: The photos, volume 1

As promised, here are some pictures of the items I scored this past weekend. I didn't photograph the lamps tonight, but will soon. I'm thinking of cleaning up the faux leather looking fabric shades with fabric paint- but what color? The bases are a nice crisp white.

Here's the Thrift Scores, mentioned in this post:

I hope to paint some more tomorrow on the buffet. Work schedules have been hectic, and I'm jumping out of my skin wanting to get it done. I plan to order drawer pulls in the next day or so. Exciting times! Now if I could only quit my day job...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrift Scores

So I can't wait to show you my new (...newly revamped that is) buffet! Today, the first coat of green (guacamole) was painted to the base unit, and all the drawer fronts. I found a paint at ACE that is meant for cabinets, trim, and doors thats "self-leveling" meaning brush strokes thin out... Even so, I'm using a foam roller. All the old hardware got painted a high gloss black. Some sanding was done, more wood filler, and then... wait. Something I'm not good at. The paint says to wait 24 hours for a second coat, so I'm biting my nails, and waiting.

For fun today, though, while everything was drying, I made the rounds at the local thrift stores (6 to be exact) and scored the following items:

Goodwill #1:
2 white base lamps +shades ($7.99/ea)
1 glass cup with lovely "beaded" detail ($1.99)
1 small wooden chair, kid size ($6.99)
TOTAL: $25

Thrift #1:
1 thick glass cake stand cover, $2

Thrift #2:
2 vintage 16-mo calendars, to use photos as art ($2.99/ea)

Goodwill #2:
2 glass cups/vases ($1.99/ea)
1 set of large (24") wooden Fork & Spoon ($2.99/set)


I had so much fun remembering where all of these stores were, since I'm new to this thrift store scores... a few were even closed on a Sunday, so soon I'll be able to go and browse again. I'll take some photos as the items go up in the house.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 1, done!

Stripping, sanding, cleaning, priming...

Day 1 of the re-finish is complete, and I learned a lot today. I also believe I may have inhaled more fumes and dust than one should... not feeling that great! I decided (I think?) that I'm choosing a green color called "guacamole" by Pittsburgh Paint, with new hardware. Black cup pulls, and hammered knobs? See final inspiration below:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready to Re-Finish

I'm gearing up to start my first inspired D-I-Y Project tomorrow, thanks to some inspiration gathered at my new favorite site.

I purchased a piece of furniture last Sunday at the local Goodwill store for what can only be described as "peanuts". Literally- I've had more expensive dinners! This old (at least 40 years, but I'm still trying to place it- could be as old as 80?) buffet is made by Baumritter/Ethan Allen in Vermont. It's heavy wood, solid, barely moveable! It's chipped paint and "artists" touch have seen better days. The plan is to strip it and assess the wood condition, then go from there. Not sure if I want raw wood, and while a painted white would be the most classy, I'm feeling a burst for red, or blue, or green.

Here are some inspiration photos:

Pictures coming soon! It's been disassembled, hardware removed, and a wipe down. I'm so excited to try my hand at a revamp of a great piece of furniture.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Layla Grayce: Another Fantastic Find!

While seemingly pricey, I love this website I saw through a link on Facebook:

Loving these quick things, but will explore more later:

Fabric by the yard:

Kids Stuff:

And, of course, Stuff for the adults:

I'm loving it! All images borrowed from the Layla Grayce site in hopes that you all go check it out! I know I will!


Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm stupidly excited about a new blog I found:

I wanted to originally find someone who had made a fabric nailhead headboard (THIS EXACT PROJECT)... low and behold, I think I stumbled upon a blog of who I want to be in 5 years. She has done amazing things with thrift store, flea market, and garage sale finds. She inspired me to step into the local Goodwill store this Sunday, where I low and behold found a great old buffet that I'm about to refinish, and will surely post here.


For now though, take a look at her FABULOUS page. I hope this one evolves one of these days to something great like hers.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Consignment Store

Wow, ever see ravenous women in Walnut Creek? Just stop by the Consignment Plus store, near the Mercedes dealer, and watch as truck after truck unloads furniture being sold from 8 FULL model houses. The houses were by Standard Pacific, and were located in American Canyon. I've never seen this before- people are buying peices before they're even off the truck. And, that being said, I actually did the same thing. Twice over.

My new Pottery Barn Lucas Console bookcase table, and a white leaning shelf. I love both of them, and learned, with Zack's help to trust my instinct. I just found online that the PB table was $700 (I NEVER would have paid that much) but I just scored it for $149. And the leaning bookcase? $69. Nice work if I do say so myself. Decorating and furniture moving to come soon. (pictures to follow) :-)

Ahhh, good times, good times. And I'm going back tomorrow, for round 4. What else to do with a perfect 4 day weekend that Zack had to work.
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