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Friday, January 7, 2011

A little no-cost makeover

Anyone else out there relieved to pack away the holidays?  The house always looks so large once the tree is down, and the holiday decor is safely packed away and out of sight for another year.  However, the large space always leaves me feeling the urge for a change, and a fresh room.  It'd be easy, given all the money in the world, to plan out a fresh new space.  The trick though is to try a no cost makeover.

Our room has pretty good bones.  The couches are neutral, there's a brick fireplace, white slatted blinds, hardwood floors, etc.  I couldn't picture the room pulled together though (for our no-cost makeover) until the other day that I sat on the opposite couch in the room and it came to me.

Our makeover will be based on this color scheme:

So, the execution plan will consist of the following:

Paint ladder shelf black (I showed you this shelf before here)
Recover couch throw pillows in white fabric (I've done that once before, here)
Add series of four Black and White NY City prints to the room (from the office, that's not being used)
Reorganize picture frame ledges (see them before, here)
Add white cylinder lamp shade to current lamp, plus add another lamp (this room is dark at night!)
Re-arrange furniture

Here's the room now (right after Christmas decor was removed).  

NOTE: This is not for the faint of heart... I'm not proud, and I wouldn't consider this room pulled or put together in any way... ok, disclaimer over, now you can see the photos.  :)

How on earth do you decorate/stage a fireplace like this?!

The tree (9ft this year!) was in that back corner

Anywho, I hope to work on this room this weekend.  Our adorable baby boy though is so cute, that I just love hanging with him, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done!

Just thought I'd share.  Now, to get this done, and be excited over our room again!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Repotting Succulents

So I've got this really sad plant in the kitchen.  It's actually the second plant that's been in the pot, but it's just as sad as the first.  I can't seem to keep plants alive.  Except the neglected succulents, ironically, that I haven't touched in months:

And my sad indoor plant:

Please ignore the dirty stove.  I'm a new mom.

Remember when I posted a while back about my love for the colors and fullness of succulents?  Since that post, the aqua container I planted them in has been outside- it was fine during the summer, and now after the rains of the winter have passed, they were getting soggy.  Succulents don't need that much water, and prefer the soil to dry out.

Enter the light bulb!  I could take the sorry looking plant in my current pot, and replace with my beautiful succulents that have multiplied!  Yes!

Here they are outside being re-potted.  I snapped the succulents off the long stems near the flowery ends, and replanted them into my red pot for in the house.  I buried a few of the leaves, as I read online this was how you re-pot them.

 Now, they're inside, and making me so happy!  Just look at those colors and textures.  I sure hope the transplant worked.

I just love the colors, and the small water droplets from the water down are pretty too.

Have you ever re-potted anything successfully?  What about unsuccessfully?!  Any tips to share?


Oh, and the cost, to add to my new "Decor Cost: 2011" tally?  A big fat $0!  I had the red planter pot, dirt, and the succulents already!  It was all about moving stuff around this time.  Gotta love $0!  :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project Tally Cost: 2011

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am hoping to be more fiscally responsible this year since our expenses are growing with a little one.

One thing I've missed out on through 2010 was decorating, because there was just no time.  I want to revamp our home again in 2011, and I thought a neat project would be to tally the amount spent in 2011 on my projects & decor for the house.

So, on the sidebar now, there will be a Decor Cost: 2011 tally section.  (see it over there, on the right side bar?)  I'll update that after my projects or revamps and purchases for the house are made.  I hope to do a lot with a little... what a game to play!

How do you keep tabs (or not!) on your budgets for decorating and making your house a home?  Do you set goals to spend, or do you put money aside?  Let me know your way of keeping your home fresh, but while being fiscally responsible.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Beginnings, 2011

2010 was a busy year for us.  No, really.  From basically day one, we were going places, planning events, renovating the house, or dealing with our biggest accomplishment- our little boy.

As 2011 begins, I'm pausing and making sure that I focus on the important things in my life while having some fun, and being responsible fiscally as well.  Those are big goals to have but I'm sure it's possible.

Every day I want to tell those I love just how much I do.  I want to hug and kiss my son, husband, and even the dogs!  I want to keep a clean house, but also keep my sanity.  I will continue to take so many pictures that it makes everyone crazy, and I'll also do my best to be social.

And, on top of this, I'd really like to start blogging again.  Posts will probably be short and sweet again for a while, and maybe only here and there during the time that I start again, but I miss it.  It's an outlet for creativity that I need- Not only posting, but taking some time to view all the great things everyone else completes.

So here's to 2011- new beginnings, and changes abound, and I hope each of you are blessed with a peaceful year. 

Take care,

PS: The winner of the gift tags giveaway from the post back on December 8th was Katie!  There were 3 eligible entries, and Katie won! was used to pick the winner.  Enjoy your items!  Let us know what you picked out!
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