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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Started

I've thought a lot lately about technology and the internet... While a year or so ago I was totally behind the times in terms of social networking and online forums, I've recently become enthralled with them. Recently, as in literally the last week.

I've also always wanted a blog. I don't know why I figured it was difficult, but sitting here, in a little under 2 minutes, I started one up.

I'm hoping to post family, friends, passions (design + photography) here, so stay tuned. It's a great place for me to pose questions too, because, I am a naturally curious person. (How DID all that sand get to the beach?!). Unlike a diary, I hope this is something I check up on more often then not.

So here's my contribution for tonight: I see Angelo Surmelis (a la Rate My Space on HGTV) has created his own furniture line, available in Summer. Is it wrong to be lusting after furniture? I'm a Twitter follower of his just so I can see updates. Swoon.

Ponder that, and good night!
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