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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot day today!

104 isn't normal, but it sure does make me happy! I love the heat. We got a bitty baby pool for the dogs today, and Lexi is all about it. Gunner, eh, not so much.

Picked up our fabulous barstools today, and they look great! Funny thing happened- we had our 3 held and paid for, and there were three left to purchase. A woman with two kids tried to make Zack feel bad because she "really wanted four". LOL. She even walked by us when we loaded them, and said "wow, I'm just so bummed..." We technically wanted 4 as well, but we'll both have to settle for 3. I'm not giving these bad boys up!

Dinner at Ruth's Chris tonight for Mo's birthday. Yum. We should have walked down the street to get ice cream at the San Francisco creamery, but I'm pretty sure buttons would have popped, and clothes seams would have busted. We're staying cool with peppermint patties tonight and the AC instead.

Tomorrow, Pictures!
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