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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stressed Out decisions

So, How do I decide whether or not to do, or not to do something, that has both pros and cons to do it, and not to do it?

This makes my head hurt and stresses me out. My right arm hasn't relaxed over the whole weekend (except when I'm unaware of it and sleeping.)

Let me put this in perspective. I wasn't looking for a new job. While I do feel underpaid at my current job, I generally like most of the people, and the special projects I get to work on. However, the job I've been all but offered, and interviewed with 6 people + the CEO (who I know and suggested the position at his company to me) would be a huge pay bump, a new challenge (new industry), and a director title. But, my current CEO made comments about paying people better (as of Friday) and doesn't want to let me go. I feel it's time for a real, old fashioned pros and cons list.

So, again, I'm conflicted.
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