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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready to Re-Finish

I'm gearing up to start my first inspired D-I-Y Project tomorrow, thanks to some inspiration gathered at my new favorite site.

I purchased a piece of furniture last Sunday at the local Goodwill store for what can only be described as "peanuts". Literally- I've had more expensive dinners! This old (at least 40 years, but I'm still trying to place it- could be as old as 80?) buffet is made by Baumritter/Ethan Allen in Vermont. It's heavy wood, solid, barely moveable! It's chipped paint and "artists" touch have seen better days. The plan is to strip it and assess the wood condition, then go from there. Not sure if I want raw wood, and while a painted white would be the most classy, I'm feeling a burst for red, or blue, or green.

Here are some inspiration photos:

Pictures coming soon! It's been disassembled, hardware removed, and a wipe down. I'm so excited to try my hand at a revamp of a great piece of furniture.
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