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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thrift Scores

So I can't wait to show you my new (...newly revamped that is) buffet! Today, the first coat of green (guacamole) was painted to the base unit, and all the drawer fronts. I found a paint at ACE that is meant for cabinets, trim, and doors thats "self-leveling" meaning brush strokes thin out... Even so, I'm using a foam roller. All the old hardware got painted a high gloss black. Some sanding was done, more wood filler, and then... wait. Something I'm not good at. The paint says to wait 24 hours for a second coat, so I'm biting my nails, and waiting.

For fun today, though, while everything was drying, I made the rounds at the local thrift stores (6 to be exact) and scored the following items:

Goodwill #1:
2 white base lamps +shades ($7.99/ea)
1 glass cup with lovely "beaded" detail ($1.99)
1 small wooden chair, kid size ($6.99)
TOTAL: $25

Thrift #1:
1 thick glass cake stand cover, $2

Thrift #2:
2 vintage 16-mo calendars, to use photos as art ($2.99/ea)

Goodwill #2:
2 glass cups/vases ($1.99/ea)
1 set of large (24") wooden Fork & Spoon ($2.99/set)


I had so much fun remembering where all of these stores were, since I'm new to this thrift store scores... a few were even closed on a Sunday, so soon I'll be able to go and browse again. I'll take some photos as the items go up in the house.
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