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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Consignment Store

Wow, ever see ravenous women in Walnut Creek? Just stop by the Consignment Plus store, near the Mercedes dealer, and watch as truck after truck unloads furniture being sold from 8 FULL model houses. The houses were by Standard Pacific, and were located in American Canyon. I've never seen this before- people are buying peices before they're even off the truck. And, that being said, I actually did the same thing. Twice over.

My new Pottery Barn Lucas Console bookcase table, and a white leaning shelf. I love both of them, and learned, with Zack's help to trust my instinct. I just found online that the PB table was $700 (I NEVER would have paid that much) but I just scored it for $149. And the leaning bookcase? $69. Nice work if I do say so myself. Decorating and furniture moving to come soon. (pictures to follow) :-)

Ahhh, good times, good times. And I'm going back tomorrow, for round 4. What else to do with a perfect 4 day weekend that Zack had to work.
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