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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boat Applique Pillow

Wow, I AM getting good with the sewing machine!  Or, at least I hide the imperfections well.  :)

Remember when I made the polka dot slipcovers for the glider?  It's super cute by itself, but I thought the small little 12x16" I had bought would be so cute as an accent (Plus, potential actual lower back support on the glider, if needed!)

I've had a few pillow cover creation mishaps, so I thought since I've taken to sewing lately, that I might be able to do this one quicker and easier, and I did... but I cheated.  How, you ask?

This small pillow was encased in a plastic bag when I bought it, that I realized fit PERFECTLY around the pillow, and allowed it to be nice and plump.  So, I cheated by using the bag as fabric cut guide.  You know what?  It worked!  It even had an envelope closure, instead of being seamed all the way around. 

So, with the extra drapery lining fabric I had (solid white) leftover from the nursery curtains, I made the 3 fabric cuts: 1 for the front, and 2 for the back to make the envelope closure.  Again, straight seams made this easy to put together.  I did turn it right side out, and fit the pillow in, and needed to bring the side seam in a bit, so I just turned it out, and made a new seam.  Fit better the second time.

I pulled the quilt out, and picked the boat I wanted to duplicate, and drew it out on a paper so I could cut the fabric to the right size (after all, the rest of the nursery is starting to look polished and pulled together, and the last thing I wanted was the accessories to look sloppy)

I had planned to sew the appliques on, but since I did kind of mess up by sewing the whole case together first, that didn't quite work...  But, fabric glue worked just fine.  I could hand stitch them later, if I feel so inclined.  (yea right, after the baby is born?!)

But anyway, as it's all coming together, I love it!  Here are some photos of the little pillow on the glider, and how it all fits together in the room.  Oh, and did you recognize the sail fabric?  It matches the "C" artwork frame I did a few weeks back.  Check that project out HERE.  :)

And, if you're interested in the painted barn stars on the wall, I love them!  I posted about them just the other day... check that post out here.

So as it all comes together, I can thank this little puppy:

Who knew I'd become a sewing fanatic!  I always felt more crafty than being a seamstress, but perhaps it's just another tool to be crafty.  Who'da thunk?!
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