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Monday, October 4, 2010

Power of Paint: Tin Stars

One element I added to the 95% done nursery was a feature wall of coordinating colored tin barn stars.  As my design board showed, I wanted one in about every color to match our Baby Boats bedding from Pottery Barn Kids my cousin purchased for us.

So, I collected the stars at the early "end of summer" clearance sales at Joann's fabrics, and a few at Michael's. They were $4 and under, each, and around 70% off when I picked them up.  The three little ones were under a $1 each.

Because they were dark colors (mostly for fourth of July/Americana decor) we needed to spray primer them, before I used acrylic paints to paint them up in coordinating colors.  I love the large star.  It has some really great detail on it.

I got the quilt out, and my paint bucket and picked the colors that best coordinated... not matched exactly.  After all, I was adding them to the lime green walls (which I've been told in person is much more the color of a granny smith apple, instead of a lime)

Here they are painted with the first coat...

And, here's the corner of the nursery I added them to!  (Doesn't the glider look great in there too!  Here's how I slipcovered the cushions...)   I love the pop they provide, and they're the first thing you see entering the room.

Isn't paint great?!

Now, if I could just finish the other corner of the room before baby arrives...  Since it's 95% done though, we're in good shape, and I hope to share a post or two with you each day for the next few days as we count down to his arrival!
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