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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lined Laundry Basket

Wow, sewing up a storm over here, and pretending to be a pro!  So, one of my last nursery projects (yes, ONE of the last...) was this laundry basket.

Let's just say I whipped up the liner.

First, I bought this basket probably a year ago ($4.99!), thinking I would actually turn it upside down, and use it as a side table in our family room... Then, all decor projects stopped when I got pregnant, because I just lost all energy.  Anyway, last week, we realized we had the diaper pail, a small trash can, but no place for those dirty clothes everyone seems to remind us we'll have.  :)  I asked Z to pull the basket down from the garage storage loft, and I re-purposed it.

Here's the basket before (perfect size I believe for baby laundry :) )

I painted the basket blue to start- a nice royal blue in a glossy finish (spray paint, of course...)

Then, I essentially sewed up a really large pillow case (thanks mom for the idea.)  I had originally thought I would cut a circle that fit the bottom of the basket, and then sew on the sides in a tube type style.  My mom quickly helped me realize with my novice sewing skills, that simply making a pillow case type liner would be quicker, easier, and just fine for this use.  I measured the depth needed, used some extra drapery lining fabric, and winged it sewing it together.  The finished seams are on the inside, where the clothes drop in, and the rough edges are on the outside of the liner.  I just move the basket so you can't see those.  :)

I added 1/2" elastic to the roll over sides of the liner so it stays in place.  Voila!  Totally simple, and an inexpensive final touch.  I love it in the closet now, but honestly like the color so much I might find a place for it in the room out in the open!

Oh, and notice the closet doesn't have doors?  Yep, those curtains I gave you a sneak peek on are up, and totally cute & functional.  I'll share those shortly with you all... They were another glorious sewing project.  :)

Hope you're enjoying the nursery posts!  I find myself walking in the room all the time, loving how it's turning out.  More to come still :)

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