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Monday, January 3, 2011

Repotting Succulents

So I've got this really sad plant in the kitchen.  It's actually the second plant that's been in the pot, but it's just as sad as the first.  I can't seem to keep plants alive.  Except the neglected succulents, ironically, that I haven't touched in months:

And my sad indoor plant:

Please ignore the dirty stove.  I'm a new mom.

Remember when I posted a while back about my love for the colors and fullness of succulents?  Since that post, the aqua container I planted them in has been outside- it was fine during the summer, and now after the rains of the winter have passed, they were getting soggy.  Succulents don't need that much water, and prefer the soil to dry out.

Enter the light bulb!  I could take the sorry looking plant in my current pot, and replace with my beautiful succulents that have multiplied!  Yes!

Here they are outside being re-potted.  I snapped the succulents off the long stems near the flowery ends, and replanted them into my red pot for in the house.  I buried a few of the leaves, as I read online this was how you re-pot them.

 Now, they're inside, and making me so happy!  Just look at those colors and textures.  I sure hope the transplant worked.

I just love the colors, and the small water droplets from the water down are pretty too.

Have you ever re-potted anything successfully?  What about unsuccessfully?!  Any tips to share?


Oh, and the cost, to add to my new "Decor Cost: 2011" tally?  A big fat $0!  I had the red planter pot, dirt, and the succulents already!  It was all about moving stuff around this time.  Gotta love $0!  :)
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