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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Afternoon Headboard

I have expensive tastes. There, I said it. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to becoming a better person. The problem is I don't want to "get better!" I like expensive things, sans the price. Quality, function, design, etc.

So, after much searching, I settled on a head board I'd like, however had to gasp at the price. Restoration hardware, for $1300?? I don't have that type of money. I searched google, and found this project on, and realized I could do this myself (aka, Rosie the Riveter pose.)

Here are my inspirations, and below, OUR final product.

Restoration Hardware, $1300:

West Elm, $450:

Kate's, from, $165:

And, MINE, $67

I really like the trim being set in a few inches on the Restoration Hardware version, and loved the color on the West Elm version, so went somewhere in the middle with my trim.

Here's how it came together:

I hit the jackpot yesterday stopping by the Joann's fabrics nearby, and scored fabric, foam, batting and my nailhead trim. Oh, and at a SCREAMIN' deal. This ridiculously simple project took only 3 hours (would have been less, had I not have been a sloppy mess dealing with an allergy attack). Labor Day really brings the sales out. Everything I got was at LEAST 40% off, and most was 50% off. I'm a bargain hunter extraordinaire.

First, the base. My future in-laws had a sheet of 3/4" plywood that was just calling my name. We trimmed it to the desired dimensions for our Queen bed. (60" w x 32" h). Plywood was garage stored, 20 years old, and didn't cost us a penny!

Next, I had foam cut at Joann's that I knew I would piece together onto the plywood at the first layer. I hot glued this down, and it seemed to stick well. My only suggestion if I was doing this again would have been to use a larger tipped glue gun. (I used the mini one, the only gun I own).

I layered 2 layers of generic batting, that I also had cut yesterday at Joann's.

I had already ironed both the front and the back of the Christopher Lowell Caramel Tweed fabric. 50% off. Really. I had it laid across the dining table, and after the batting had been affixed, matched and lined up the material and started my first set of staples on the top end.

Next, I pulled the sides around, then the bottom. The corners were last, and honestly, there wasn't a great technique I could mention to do this. I just kind of folded it to the back, while watching the front to make sure it pulled the way I wanted, and was smooth.

Now, since the expensive, nailhead trim was wooing me, I had found this product while viewing other version's of this product online. It's a roll of metal trim, where every 5th bauble takes a real nailhead. Pound that in with a rubber mallet, and watch those corners. I went around the whole thing and pounded the nailheads for the second time.

Then, flip over! All done!

(last task? We've decided NOT to hang this on the wall, but rather to brace it and attach with bolts to our bedframe. We are using scraps from the 3/4" plywod to make these, and some bolts. That's the fiance's job though...)

So, total this one up:

3/4" Plywood, cut to size, 60"w x 32"h, $0 (think around $20 if you were to buy a 4x8 sheet at the local hardware store
1/2" foam, $11.25
3 1/2 yards (enough for 2 layers) of 54" batting, $9.50
2 yards of 54" Tweed fabric, $31.50
Nailhead trim kit, $8
TOTAL: $60.25 + $6 tax= $66.25 (let's just say "$67" for good measure)

So, $1300 or $67? I'll take the latter, and the gorgeous headboard please. Now, to revamp the rest of the room to suit this elegant piece. :-) I'm sure the fiance will love that!

Can't wait to cozy up to it!
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