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Friday, July 16, 2010

Busy Craft Weekend Ahead

I've been sick, and man has it been the WRONG time.  Now that we're a week out from the wedding there are lots of crafty loose ends to tie up.  I think now that day 3 of this sickness is here, and I'm sleeping most of the time, it may be rounding it's final corner.

This weekend is fixing to be super busy, but luckily I've got a great set of friends and a wonderful fiance that will help make our day special!

So, left for this weekend is the following:

- Finish coating, matching, foam backing and packaging tile coaster sets for favors (we've already made around 250 of them for the first pass.)  What, have I not told you about these before?  See this link for my inspiration.  :)

- Re-glue & assemble program fans (spray adhesive was a great idea, but didn't hold properly on the cardstock.  good ole glue sticks are in order)  Remember, I discussed this project, here.

- Make about 60 more pom poms (which would double the number I have now)  This project was discussed on this post as well...

- Nail boards to make boxes, paint, and assemble manzanita branch centerpieces.  I told you a little bit about the branch centerpieces, here, although there's the best picture of what I'm going for at the bottom of this post.

- Trip to the dollar store, (woohoo!) for floral foam, and to gather supplies to make activity kits for the few children attending

- Final dress fitting

- Bridesmaid/flower girl gift shopping, even though I believe this can be knocked out at one local shop

- Wrap and apply ribbon to "card box" for reception (oh, and find a box that works for this purpose!)

- Find Tulle for the floral that will be tied to the chairs at the ceremony

Doesn't seem so bad, or am I just lying to myself?

Oh, and Shhh... if you're one of my bridesmaids, you should turn away right now.  But for the rest of you that were ever in a wedding, what was your most favorite bridesmaid gift/token you received?  I'm considering bracelets from the local jewelry shop, but want it to be a fun gift as well.  Thoughts?!

HELP me!

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