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Wednesday, July 28, 2010



To recap, yes, we got all of our craft projects done with plenty of time to spare before the wedding.  If you recall, there was quite a bit to do still with a week left till the big day!

The wedding ceremony went fabulous- of course, I cried walking down the aisle with my mom and seeing Z standing in his tux at the end.  Gosh, what a handsome guy.  :)

We did have the help of an awesome, just graduated from college event coordinator- we really couldn't have done it without her.  Luckily, she took the reigns (just what I needed) and scheduled everything.

The reception was nice too- a few minor glitches that probably to everyone else were nothing... Yes, I've got some phone calls to make still, but for now I'm sitting here with some new sickness, so those will have to wait... ugh. 

I will be cataloging the "how to's" shortly.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Tile coasters tutorial
Manzanita branch centerpieces
Tissue paper pom poms
Wedding program fans
Bridesmaids & flower girl/ring bearer packages
Pearl Bracelets
Card Box

While we don't have our photographer's photos back yet, here are a few sneak peaks at the finished products that I'll be featuring over the next little bit:

So stay tuned for some new tutorial posts, plus more nursery progress coming soon!

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