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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alphabet Amusement

One main feature I'd like to add to the nursery is some alphabet art.  I showed you two great LARGE scale features in this past nursery post.  However, after putting my design board together, I was thinking I just needed some art work, instead of a full feature wall for my alphabet.

Now, until the walls are painted, and I can gauge the size of the star wall, I probably won't make the artwork, but I did scour the net for some great alphabet art inspirations that I loved.

Enjoy and Happy 4th of July!

So, there you have it.  I love the multiple colors and even somehow incorporating the letter "C" in a special way as the first letter of our son's name.

My artwork will consist of some of these supplies:

- Cardboard/Chipboard Letters
- Pewter Alphabet brads
- Lots of acrylic paint colors!

Fingers crossed that the nursery comes along as planned through the next few weeks before the wedding.  Yikes!  It's so close... Things are really moving fast now.

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