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Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding Program Fans

With two full weekends left before the wedding, it is time to start putting together the programs!  Our awesome coordinator came up with a brilliant idea to make fans since our wedding will be outside in the end of July.  (that and white tin drink buckets with iced bottled water...)

I grabbed the supplies today at Joann's and have made a few mock ups- can you say crafting party this week?

Here's the idea though, and I'll share the final product in a few days!

Main items:
- Cardstock in green, sangria purple and white
- Popsicle sticks
- Floral paper punch & corner punch (woops, forgot to get this today, so back to the store tomorrow!)
- Glue, printer for cardstock
- Ribbon (I think I'll add this, but haven't purchased yet!)

Teehee!  I was hoping to be crafty SOMEWHERE in this wedding planning!  Two weeks before is about right to get going huh?


And, want a sneak peak at the other project I'll be doing this week as well, to accent the manzanita branches for the reception?  Here's a hint (and the link is here) to the project:

Of course, the tissue we got is green, and I hope for them to look something like this when they're done (replace the pink flowers with spanish moss... oh, and our branches are much larger and spread out)

It's great to have some energy again, now back to "work" during crunch time!  (Remind me, no more nursery planning until the wedding is done!)

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