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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pink Felt Kissing Balls

Here's another quick Valentine's Craft for you- Pink Felted Kissing balls!  Plus it's another one I teased you a few days back on this post.  :)

So in order to add to my Valentine's decor collection (which I'm just building up slowly with a few projects from this year, like this wreath) I tried my hand at the felt-fold-pin technique.

Totally not a new idea... as I'm sure you've seen this technique all over the place, I'll keep this post short and sweet.  Besides, the pictures are lacking this time, I don't know what was wrong with my camera!

I needed:

3, 1/4' cuts of fabric: I used light pink, hot pink, and red.  Hard to tell by the photos.
2, 4" styrofoam balls
dressmaker/straight pins
Circle Pattern, pencil, scissors

First, I traced out all my cirlces on the multiple colors of pink and red felt I purchased.  I probably had around ~40 of each color.  My circles were about 3 1/4 inch.



The next part is super simple!  Fold each circle in half, then in half again.  Take a straight pin, and push through the point at the end of the fold, and then just push into the styrofoam. 



I went around in a circle first, then filled in the halves similar to how I did in this Christmas ornament project.

I propped mine up on the shelf in my new office, and I love them!



Here are some other versions of this project that I'm sure you'll love too:

Via Etsy tutorial Tuesday, this orange lumbar type pillow.  Which, by the way, I absolutely love, and may make to go in the new living room one of these days:

From Design-Sponge, a super clean, white circular wreath:

From The Idea Room, the Valentine's Wreath Version:

So, with that, I wish you an early "Happy Valentine's Day".  :)
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