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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Office Craft Room, Part 1

By now, you've probably read a little about my new office (or what I'm lovingly referring to as my "craft room").  (if you haven't read up about it here, here and here...)

I thought I'd give you the first half room view of the side that I've adopted as my own!  The walls are blue in here already, from when we moved in.  Since I found this lovely fabric, I picked the accent colors to be green and blue with touches of black.

Oh, and as a forewarning, this post is FILLED with projects I'll share with you over the next little bit.  Yay! 

Without further ado, here is phase 1 of the office orgnaization, and the colors.  :)

Yes, right now it's sort of decorated for Valentine's day with pink and red accents.  Plus, I'll show you how I made those felt kissing balls, and the red fabric wreath later this week.  :)

This is my functional organization that's supposed to be "pretty" since it's out in the open.  I have 4 fabric lined baskets that are a color somewhere between green and blue.  The four magazine holders are from IKEA, and house folders with all my magazine tear outs, and a few magazines that were packed with ideas to the point I needed to just keep the magazine in tact.

Remember my sneak peak post about our Roman Shade in this room?  Well, this fabric is what set the tone for the room.  

Here's a better view of the desk.  I've got a full empty shelf at the very top I get to fill.  I'm sure that'll be easy if I put my mind to it.  Watch out HomeGoods!

Did you see that Live Laugh Love sign that I made for $1.70?  Check out that post here.

To the left of the desk is my magnetic chalkboard that I turned from super ooogly, to more modern.  Bonus was I didn't realize it was magnetic until I repainted the chalkboard itself.  A before and after post of that one coming soon too!

Oh, and did you notice that key artwork?  Check out how I made that here.

While this is kind of a cruddy shot, it at least shows my corner of the office, and the color scheme, and where things are in relation to each other.

I found these baskets at HomeGoods on the day I went crazy in their clearance section.  They're perfect for my shelves!  They were $3 each.  Gotta love that!  Plus, those IKEA magazine boxes were the perfect color and size too.  I bought those MONTHS ago. Glad I finally got to pull them out :)

 Oh, and a sneak peak under basket liner- I just taped these jute laced mini chalkboards to the basket to get them to stay.  Those came from World Market.

Do I dare even remind you about the office before?  Ugh, at least this way you'll pat me on the back (or at least tip your head?) at our progress

So, let me just quickly recap all the projects in here I have YET to post about:

- Chalkboard re-vamp (from oogly, to OOOOHAHHHH)
- Felt Kissing Balls
- Fabric Heart Wreath
- Desk jar organizer
- Jute wrapped Vase/object
- Fleur de Lis print
- Orangization in the organization: pretty folders and how I organize my magazine rip outs

Yes.  This week will be busy with posts!  Stay tuned, because on top of the great stuff in the pictures above, there are about 5 other projects and ideas not even posted yet.

Here's a sneak peak at one I can't wait to finish and post for you all:

YEP!  I painted that, and no it's not done, but I LOVE IT.  Check out this post for more inspiration info.  :)

Gosh, I'm just so excited I'm jumping out of my skin at the amount of good stuff to come.  Good thing it stopped raining here in CA for a day (it's back again Monday and Tuesday, heavy they say).

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a great week!

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