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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pearl Passion Ornaments

Ok, so do you all just get on one of those "kicks" and all of a sudden become a madwoman productive?

That sometimes happens to me (ok, a lot of the time happens to me) but yesterday was even above my normal craziness!  Perhaps it's the looming party deadline (see this post for everything I have to do TOMORROW) but I fell into the spirit yesterday and tackled many decor and prep tasks for Saturday.

I made these too, what a nice surprise!


I was digging through one of my craft boxes for some fishing line I know I have to hang some glittery snowflakes, and came across a stash of craft perals in all different sizes, that I've probably had for 10+ years.  Then, I recalled a failed project I never posted, but related to one I will post soon, that involved styrofoam balls.  The light bulb went off.  No, really, it did!  I could adapt this project Lindsay posted on Centsational Girl showed us to make some classy ornaments for my tree!

So, here you have it folks: how to make Pearl Passion Ornaments!  Enjoy!

Materials Needed:

2" styrofoam balls (mine came in a 12 pack)
dressmaker pins (small box has like 350 or something in it.  I used nearly the whole box for 2 ornaments of this size)
Pearls (I used about 300 on 2 ornaments)
Silver beads (smaller than the opening of the pin head, and the pearl opening so they don't slip off)
ribbon, rope, or other string to attach as a loop
Hot Glue Gun (optional)


This is so simple, it's not really tutorial worthy, but here we go:

Take a pin, and attach one silver bead, then a pearl.  Push the pin into the foam.  Yep.  That's basically it!

After I put the first full circle of pin+bead+pearl pins in, I cut my gold cord ribbon to the length, and attached with a pin.  I hotglued it down  into the styrofoam, then glued on top again.  Depending on the ribbon you use, you may be ok with pins only.

I read somewhere to do a full circle around one direction, then switch 90 degrees and do another circle.  Then, you should have 4 distinct sections to fill in.  This seemed to work well for me.

I made two, and hung them on the tree!

 Can't you just envision the variations you could do?  I think these would make pretty vase filler, or table accents.  I want to do a LARGE one and use in the off season.

If you make it, I want to see!  :)
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