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Saturday, October 24, 2009

MOMO Print: Frame(d) Revamp

So I've had this print for a while now.  I was at one of the local art & wine festivals months back, and the large scale, multi-colored prints caught my eye.  The artist was named "Momo" (my little sister's nick name)  Unfortunately, the price was too high.  Waaa.  BUT, the artist was there, and showed me some paper versions of some of the larger prints, and I found one I really liked.  She signed it, and the date?  May 2009.  Wow, 5 months I've had this print just randomly floating around the house?  It's amazing it didn't get thrown out since Z thought it was wrapping paper scrap more than once.

Anyway, fast forward 5 months, to a recent thrift store trip, where I perused the frames/pictures section, and found this great wood frame, larger size, and with a mat.  This was going to be perfect for my print!  $7.99... sold.

I'm sure I frightened Z with the framed art in the garage for the last week.  He should know me better than that by now though!  Revamp here I come!

I took the green mat, and painted it with white spray primer (I wanted to keep the texture of the mat, and didn't want it shiny...)  This turned out well, considering I wasn't sure if you could even do that!  I picked "tool grey" spray enamel and painted the wood frame.  I added a hook on the back, cleaned up the glass, and installed.  I love this modern look!  I may even try to paint a wall with that great green color in the print.

This was fun!  Plus I got to wear my particulant mask and sound like Darth Vader.  Too bad I couldn't wear one of those all the time- my allergies are non existent when I've got that puppy on.

Anyway.  I love it!
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