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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Purple Kicker

On the cusp of painting our master bedroom a nice deep blue (see this post), I started to realize, that would make room #3 in my house that's blue! And the fiance thinks I have a problem with green???

So, because the 3rd room will become a babies room (and is currently a light shade of blue that we never see because the door is always closed) and room 2 is a color I chose (think grey/blue/green- color is "Blue Willow" by Pittsburgh Paints), I feel fine doing our master in blue, too.

So, how to keep these rooms separated with a color in the same family? Well, how does purple sound? I had planned on Orange in the front lighter blue room, and a lime green in the darker blue room, but, now that it's become Fall here in California, purple is sounding delish.

Here are some great photos I found scouring for "purple accessories against a blue wall" on google. Which is your favorite? Am I off my rocker? *Note, first image essentially shows the blue wall color that this lovely shade would be up against on the walls. :)

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