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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Masquerade DIY

In honor of Halloween, I thought I'd pull this project out and show you... and because, about 30 minutes ago I realized that I had no costume and kids were already ringing the doorbell...

The project was actually born when we had to go to a masquerade themed 30th birthday party.  Rules were, you don't get to come in unless you're dressed up!  My creative juices got flowing and I decided I could make a mask (in addition it was short notice, so... it was my only option?)

I found these two inspiration photos, and printed them out...

I ran to Beverley's on my lunch break, and found the essentials: fabric covered masks, gold rick rack, glitter glue, rhinestones, ribbon, feathers, dowels... and this is when I purchased my little hot glue gun.  :)

Have you heard of the millions of projects you can use hot glue guns for?!  I used it here & here and am looking for more uses...  I digress.

Ok, so back to the masks.

I laid newspaper down, and got to work.  I had to try out with the black one first, since that was for Z.  :)  Luckily it worked out well. 

I trimmed out the edge, and the eye holes with the gold rick rack on both masks.  Because they were covered in a fabric texture, the glue held really well. 


I then followed my inspiration photos, and started in with the gold glitter glue.


While this was drying, I wrapped my dowels in ribbon (gold for mine, and black for Z's) and added streamer strips to mine.

Mine got feathers, in the classic mardi gras colors: purple, green, and yellow- they were sold together in a pack, so I lucked out :)


End result:  We looked good, plus this project was so fun!

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