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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wedding details, Location

Here's some more details on our wedding!  I showed you the pallette the other day- Sangria purple, and apple green accents...

Today, we're adding the purple rhinestone to the mainly green invites, and mailing them out.  The insert is all prepared, just need a few printed at Kinkos since I included a colored map.

So, for those of you from CA, or even the San Francisco Bay Area, you may be familiar with a little suburb called Walnut Creek.  It's a very affluent city about 20 miles east of San Francisco.  It's right where we live and spend a majority of our time.  They've got everything from Target, to Tiffany!

We chose an outdoor casual setting at the Gazebo at Civic Park.  Since the wedding is in July, it'll be hot, but the trees should be shaded by then.  Just in case, we're planning to have some water bottles in buckets at the end of the isle and maybe some fans too.  :)

We're going to set up white wooden chairs, and I'm debating on an isle runner, and tulle lining the chairs at the isle.  Here are some ideas...  (I was thinking of picking up these paper lanterns I saw at the dollar store- they were the perfect color!)

For services so far, I'm extremely happy with our photographer choice- Ultra-Spective (out of Livermore, CA)- we've even done our engagement photo session (a few samples below!) which was so fun, and good practice.  These were the first professional photos Z and I have had done since we've been together (5 years!)

For floral, I'm hoping to mimic something similar to what Tia Mowry did for her outdoor wedding- why not right?  I'm using her dress, and my bridesmaid's dresses are purple too?!  :)  I'm not a huge fan of roses, but the colors are right.

So, there's some more details!  Next time?  Reception details!  That should be fun :)

Until then, we're off to register- yay for scanner guns and shopping- could you guess?  We're registering at Target, Babies R Us, and possibly Pottery Barn Kids.  More on that later as well!

Happy Saturday everyone,
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