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Monday, May 17, 2010

I love hydrangeas!

Because it was super nice Saturday, I made a trip to the NEW Lowes a short distance from our house, and gathered up some plants to add to my Thrift Store planters I've had for months!

I went in not knowing what I wanted exactly.  But, when I was walking through the indoor garden center, I came across these gorgeous pink and lime green hydrangeas, just under $10 a plant.  Score, and yes please!  Just look at that new growth still coming in!

I also picked a few bags of potting soil that was on sale up, and just let me tell you- you should be glad you can't smell these pictures.  Goodness- all the windows have been down in my car since I got home.  The soil smells disgusting!

Planting was easy for the most part, except my 18week belly (yes, I'm pregnant...) is already making things more difficult.  I added some large river rocks to the bottom for drainage, then added my soil.  The hydrangeas were in large buckets, so breaking up the root ball was difficult, and there was a lot of dirt. 

All in all, I planted two, and they're in front of the house, and just making me smile!  Lets hope they grow bigger, and I don't kill them!  (I have a bad habit of that... doh!  Plus, wow, get that lawn some water!!!)  Oh, and did you notice my spring wreath is still on the door?  Check out that post here.

Ahh, I just love these colors, so I had to show them to you again!

What did you guys do this weekend?  Any planting, home improvement, or crafts?!

Do tell!
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