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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What will it be: Team Pink or Team Blue?

Friday is a really exciting day for us- not just because it's the start of the long holiday weekend for Memorial Day, but because that's our 20 week anatomy scan on our baby.  It's been 2 months since our last ultrasound!  I can't believe our appointment is finally almost here.  :)

So our intent is to have the doctor tell us if we're team pink or team blue (which maybe should be Team Yellow, or Team Green) if baby cooperates.  At the 12 week scan, we didn't have a terribly cooperative baby!

Because we're due in the middle of October, and the weather in CA can be so unpredictable (ie, it's RAINING and COLD at the end of MAY!) I wanted to start looking for some potential going home outfits- plus I just like to shop as it is!

Here are a few darling (in my opinion!) options I'd consider purchasing for the big day (all from Baby Gap)...



So, could you tell I like orange?!  I love the little giraffe print for the little girl, and the boy onesie is cute too!  Hopefully a denim jacket isn't too scratchy for a newborn.  I'm sure these options are a bit trendy for a coming home outfit, but they're so fun to look at! :)

Until Friday! Ta-ta!
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