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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Palette

As I mentioned yesterday, 2010 for us is going to be a huge year!  A lot has been going on in the months during my blogging absense.  For starters, we've been planning our wedding.

The details are wrapping themselves up by now, and I thought for my sake, and yours (to see what's been coming together) I thought I'd post the palette we're using by collaging our colors, location, and accessories here.  This will be a series post over a couple of days...


First off, the most important, our colors:

Bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal, in Sangria, and Groomsman wear from Men's warehouse, also in Sangria.  We're going the vest and tie route, not bow-tie for the boys.

Our accent color, and the color on our invitations is an apple green.  We're using to order our invites.  They pre-print them, and can even address the envelopes too.  The one we picked is by artist "Delphine" and is called "Melissa Lime".  It's not really lime when printed, much more granny-smith-apple-green (this is a sample from the website, not our details, hehe)

I showed you my dress yesterday, but here it is again.  I guess I'll mention it now- I'll definitely need a tan before the big day!  Tia Mowry looks awesome in the dress, and well, I'm just really white!

So, there are the basics.

Still to post?  The other details, like Location, Reception, photographer, and the other nitty gritty details!  Stay tuned :)
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