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Sunday, November 1, 2009

POPCORN is to be eaten!

We've got this ugly, ugly stuff.  No offense to you if you have it and, *gasp* like it...


(Popcorn, acoustical, horrid late 70's-80's ceiling fad... call it what you will, it's just bad any way you slice it.)

So, lets take a tour.  Where, oh where, does POPCORN ceiling look the best?

How about in the family room, or hallways?  Next to "Blue Willow" paint, or "Cappuccino" paint?

What about in the dining room next to "Maleta Red?"

I don't think I've found it yet...

It's got to be the office!  This sweet baby blue is SURE to class up that POPCORN.  Errr...

Well, maybe next to "Navajo White", "White" or Grey???  not quite.

I know.  It's got to be against the green master bedroom walls (but only when the walls are painted over wallpaper.  That's another story, for much, much later)

How about in a vaulted garage, of a home that used to be a model?!   (strike out number 9... we were out a long time ago.)

That's it, bottom line.  I know where popcorn looks the best!!!  ON SOMEONE ELSE'S CEILINGS!

Look at this monstrosity!  Doesn't it just look dirty and DINGY?  I could do the most steller paint job in any of these rooms, and it wouldn't matter until that POPCORN is gone.  :(

The quote is in, the POPCORN ceiling is coming down- Hallelujah!

Do you have popcorn pictures to share?  Has anyone done anything *COOL* with a popcorn ceiling???  (that sounds like an oxymoron to me... but whatever)
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