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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bad Craft, part 1

Trial and Error is good- you live, you learn, right?  That's what I'm telling myself.

This will be the post about the Error.  The trial, and success story will be tomorrow.  :)

My initial attempt at creating some artwork for the end of the hallway, in addition to using up some of the green flat sided marbles (like the ones I used to make this wreath in October) I picked up months back at the dollar store didn't turn out, well, quite as expected.

Here's what it looked like when I realized this was going to be the error half of this series post:

Yes, that's the fabric peeling back away from the frame it was in.

While it was good to start with, I realized I did a few things wrong.  I used this Pottery Barn clover mirror as the shape inspiration... I suppose I was thinking of doing a St. Patrick's day project, but why?  I never have decorated for St. Paddy's day before.  I think I was just lucky that my marbles were green.  :)



Full Tutorial tomorrow, but here's what the frame I purchased looked like this first and this is a taste in how I put this together.  And, how I ultimately had to re-do it.



For a few days, it DID look like this:

In the end, it's hanging in the hallway with a new pattern.  Here's a sneak peak:

Anyway, stop by tomorrow for the full reveal on the version I think will stick for a while.  :)

PS:  Don't forget to leave me a note on my SUV post.  I'm totally enjoying reading the very informative comments.  I've even read some of them out loud to Z!  :)
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