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Friday, March 5, 2010

VOTW #10, Laundry List of To-Dos

Howdy, Folks!  Yep, it's Friday again, Friday evening even here in CA.  Sorry I've been slow to get this up- busy family night last night!

So, welcome, to another edition of VOTW: Victory of the week!

As I said last week, and the 8 other times before (can you believe this is week 10 of 2010 already?!  ALREADY?) to goal of VOTW is to to remember the small (or large!) Victories that we all have each week.  It's good for morale, stress, and our attitude to remember that sometimes, it's the small things in life that matter.  So, whether you're proud of a recipe, a project, your kids, or whatever, link up and let the world (well, at least the blog world!) know.

I know I've built these grand to-do lists before, but for some reason this weekend I seem to be extra motivated.  Go figure, huh?  Maybe it's all the extra sleep I've been getting.  :)

Anyway, my victory won't really be counted until about 9:00 on Sunday night, but for now, I'm working off of the lofty goal of doing the following things this weekend (some starting RIGHT NOW- well, after I post this...)
  1. See if my buffet is still available (and offer $50 for it)
  2. Find a basket for off season sheets for the linen closet (and fill that awkward space)
  3. Paint ceilings that are above where the flooring will be installed and popcorn was removed (I've resigned to doing the other spaces later)
  4. Get my Spring wardrobe weeded out, and go shopping (if necessary :)  )
  5. Browse HomeGoods, clearance section first of course.  New linens for the bed are calling my name.
  6. Check out lease options on some of the cars from this post
  7. Fix the car seat protector (for the dogs) 
  8. Read, sort, and recycle magazines
What am I doing tonight?  Sitting down with these magazines:

That's 2 Verandas, 2 Everyday, 2 Good Housekeeping, 3 catalogs, 1 Better Homes & Gardens

Oh, and for that awkward storage shelf I was talking about?  Yea, it had popcorn on it too!  The door was never re-attached after a few weekends ago, but either way, it doesn't go all the way to the ceiling.  Totally weird.  That's the space I need a basket for.  :)

 It's like the smallest linen closet ever.  sigh.  But, that's why I'm reorganizing, and using wasted space!

Sorry for the bad photography- used the iPhone tonight.  Another symptom of being lazy.  I promise to do better this weekend :)

So, what's your victory this week?!  Link up you fabulous friends!  We had 29 links last week- are we gonna beat that?!  

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

PS:  Did you see that we're almost up to 300 followers of D-A... (295 this minute!) Holy Moley!  And yes, I have totally slacked on getting our 200th follower up.  Now, it feels like it's going to be a let down that I'm scared to post.  :(  But, I promised, and I'll get that going soon.  :)
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