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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I miss you chairs...

Ever since last weekend's debacle with missing out on those $5 chairs, I've been pining over chairs of similar style: low back, upholstered, and totally updated.  After not knowing anything and re-vamping a Louis XVI chair back in October, I've learned so much about how to re-upholster. 

Anyway, here were the chairs.  Yes, they were $5 each, two for $10.  And no, I did not come home with them.  I'm sure they were purchased within a few minutes after I left them.  (Turns out these are called "Cane Chairs" and I've found them ranging in serious dollar amounts.  Dang, I really should have gotten them now!  Humph!  I even saw a pair sell for $4410 by a designer who just added new upholstery!)

The goal for these chairs was to clearly refinish them, but add them in front of the fireplace (you know, in the grand plan of eventually drywalling over that H frame brick fireplace we have, and adding the tv over that...) as another seating area in the living room.  Z just wondered where we'd put them NOW even.  Remember, the garage is 25% taken up by the wood flooring we've already purchased, and 75% taken up by crap and to-do projects.  Oy.  Don't remind me.

But, because the loss is still on my mind, I searched for some great inspiration that when I do come across another great pair, I'll 1. have the room (assuming we go for that SUV in the next month or so) and 2. I'll have a definitive plan!

So, without further ado, here are some inspirational photos I scrounged up on Google Image search. Enjoy!

I love the rustic fireplace, and the white upholstery.  I doubt it would stay that way in my house with two crazy dogs?!

Here's a fireplace shot.  Kind of what I was going for.  While I'm not crazy about the chair's print, I do like the set up and the wall color.

Crazy!  Yes, I love the bold color.  Too 70's lime for me, but wow, what a statement :)

This room appears very formal, but I really do love the double chair set up.

 Another soothing shot.  The colors are so nice.  Spa like I tell you!

 While the shape, and all over upholstery is great, the pattern is probably too bold, unless in the right room with pared down accessories so the chair could shine!

I don't do much with wood tones, but it's an option...

 Another well put together room- I love that the red chair is played off in the red art above the fireplace.

Love the wall color, and the linen color on the fireplace.  White upholstery again.  See comment #1.  sigh.

This I could live with!  White painted distressed wood?  Linen fabric?  Yes, and yes!  Me likey.  And, look at those nailheads trimming it out!

eh, not really fond of the combo here (too contrasty for my taste, or else it's a bad photo) but I do love that white.

 Another one of my favorites.  In fact, this one may be part inspiration for the new master re-vamp.  Whenever I get around to that.  :)

Ooooh, silver pleather, and white?  yum!

The yellow and black is a classic statement.  Kind of like my yellow wreath on my black front door.  :)

Super funky, but I love the white paint!

So, that's the idea.  What's your favorite?  Have you scored a great chair deal, or otherwise, and then made it your own?  Do tell!

And word to the wise- after thrifting for a while, I suggest having easy access to a vehicle to take your potential finds home.   Less disapointment that way :)
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