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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bad Craft, part 2

Sometimes I can do it right... other times, like I posted yesterday, it's wrong.

Either way, this little project was a no-brainer, once I figured out the things I had to do, and the pattern I ultimately settled on.  (the pattern selection was the most time consuming!) 

First off, I started with this seen-better-decades frame that I got for $5 at the thrift shop.  I painted the frame, and covered the print with a white canvas fabric.  I used spray adhesive for the front side, then hot glued the edges around the back (one of the things I did NOT do in the error version of this craft).  Since the marbles from my failed attempt pulled right off, I didn't waste anything more than the fabric.




Then, with my warmed up glue gun, I determined a pattern (but not after playing around with a few before!) and glued the marbles down in the desired pattern.  Pretty simple, huh?  Like this wreath from October...  Hmmm... I'm getting ideas for a new wreath :)


hehe, didn't do this version, but the possibilities are endless!

The pattern is very geometrical.  I realize I like straight lines.  After all, I've posted about this pattern here, here and even here.





Enjoy, and I hope I inspired some of your own crafts :)
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