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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I need an SUV

Shopping early yesterday morning, fruited me the following chair- times two.  They were $5 each. 

I started to get the creative juices flowing- would I refinish the wood?  Paint it?  What type of fabric?!  I was excited at first...

But, not even one would fit in my car.  I moved the seats, tried the back seat, trunk, and even the front passenger seat.

Nada.  Nope.  Zilch.  Chairs  We had plans in the early afternoon, and dinner plans in the evening.  Even if they couldn't go in the house right away, I could re-upolster and sell them later. 

Denied.  ugh! 

PLUS, remember that buffet I told you about during my shopping trip post the other day?  It was still there yesterday, dropped in price $200, and on the 50% day would have been only $100!  (I still was holding out.  I'd certainly pay $50 for it though!)  But, I still wouldn't have been able to get it home!

Sad face.  Again.

Good thing we're already looking into getting an SUV.  Anyone have any of the following options that they'd be willing to share about?  Right now, I have a 325i (love it!) and haven't even owned an SUV or truck (even though I learned to drive in a suburban and an expedition).

I love all of these options, but of course the price ranges.  I'll post them from lowest to highest.  And yes, they're all white on purpose.  I'm pretty sure I want a white one!  :)

Honda CR-V

Toyota Rav 4

Ford Edge






Volvo XC90

So, perhaps when we have an SUV, I'll have a more lucrative furniture business.  Lets be honest.  It doesn't exist now.  BUT, I love working with my hands, and it would be so fun!  :)
Do you hate these options?  Do you love one, or more of them?  Have you driven them, or been a passenger?  Do tell!
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