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Friday, February 19, 2010

VOTW #8 Smooth Sailing...

Welcome back, everyone!  It's that time again for VOTW: Victory of the Week!  (Grab a button below, or the code on the right frame.)

Because I've had some time off earlier in the week, I've been blog surfing and I know there's awesome stuff goin on out there!  So, each and every one of your should have something to post this week.  Can you believe that I'll have 3 weeks to recap?  You all amazed me last week with the links you posted, and the number!

So, as I mentioned last week, we had the ceilings scraped of all their popcorn nastiness.  Here's some photos as you requested to show the progress.  We've yet to prime or paint, but I already love it 1,000 times more.  :)

Here's a closeup of the new knock down texture...

In some areas, you can see the tape lines from the drywall

 In our bedroom, we had to take the blades off the fan, which is actually in the center of the room, but the photo angle is off :)

In the office.  Guess we'll have to do some touch-up painting on the walls too.  They were nice enough to repair though

 another closeup.   Ahh, so much more relaxing than the popcorn!

Anyway, yes, this is still our VICTORY of the week! 

And, another thing I'm super proud of?  The coding, and blog changes I've made recently, most notably, the small party buttons on the right frame, and small blog buttons on the left that show the sites I've been featured on.  (if you want to do this too, you can read the post HERE where I spill the beans on how to do this after some coaching from Kim @ Cheap Chic Home)  I can't believe some of my projects have been featured on such prestigious sites!

So, now, don't be shy, link up YOUR victory of this week, last week, last year or whenever.  What are you proud of?!

And, yes, I promise that the 200th follower giveaway post will be up in a day or two!  You guys shock and amaze me- now we're nearly at 250 followers, 25% more than the number to reach the giveaway in the first place!  Wowsers!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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