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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project Storage?

Is it just me, or do we as crafters/decorators run out of room to either store, display, or complete our projects?

With blogland offering so many fantastic ideas to really stimulate creative expression in your OWN crafts, I've found our house overflowing before with projects in the raw, half done, or complete, and it pains me.  I love almost everything I do, but I suppose like the catalog stores, we have to rotate our goods in order to keep it fresh.  But what do you do with all your old projects?

I assume there are some options, but I'm really actually curious what the consensus is- Do you give them to the local thrift store?  Do you sell them in a store (such as etsy, or consignment)?  Do you have regular garage sales?  Or, am I going to be jealous to hear that YOU really get to store everything, and continually rotate your projects back into the decor every year?

I've made a lot of fun things in the last year, but some of them just can't stay.

So, this comes up for me, because finally, I have the mental capacity back to have the desire to craft, even though physically, I'm out of energy.  The same cheery yellow wreath I made back in February is still on the front door.  While cleaning out the garage, I came across a stash from my last thrifting trip I took- of course all with high hopes of re-vamp.  Some of it made a trip in the back of my CR-V to Goodwill.  Some of it ended up in the rafters.

Either way, I can't store it all.  So I need to know... What type of storage solutions, purge solutions, or otherwise do you employ to keep your house in order? 

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