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Friday, August 20, 2010

Nursery Progress Report

I felt it was time to show off some of the in-progress projects that are going on nursery-wise around here.  We had a big weekend planned, but that was derailed realizing I'm sick, yet again (seriously?  SERIOUSLY???)

Either way, some really great progress has taken shape, and I'm feeling less stressed than before (read: still slightly stressed, but just a little less...  :)  )

First, I'm happy to report that the painting of the walls in the nursery is 100% done!  If you recall, I used Olympic Premium No-VOC paint, mixed to PPG's Lime Green 209-5 for the walls.  I did the dirty work first, one night, of cutting in, and the edging.  This way the rolling of the paint took no time.  This paint is awesome!  It went on really well, and though I did two coats, I could have gotten away with one had I put it on a tad thicker the first coat.

Next, we have purchased the beadboard, chair rail, and baseboards- all 40 linear feet!  The beadboard is cut (the sheets start out 8x4') in half, so I have 10 sheets that are 4'x4'.  I think we'll go with 38" high beadboard, so we'll need to make some cuts for that to happen.  The garage will be set up like a workshop this weekend, so that hopefully next week some of the hard labor of wood installation can actually start.

Then, the remaining painting (chair rail, beadboard, and baseboards) can occur!  This part of the project I can't help much on... it kills me!

As for some of the other touches, those are definitely on their way.  If I can get some sleep today, and feel ok tomorrow, I should be able to knock those projects off the list!  Remember my design board?  Well, I'm talking about the star artwork, the mobile, and the alphabet art. 

I'm still a little frightful of sewing the replacement covers for the glider and making the curtains, since I've only used my sewing machine a few times!  (Remember these curtains, and these pillows from earlier this year?)  I think the curtains for the window are slowly turning into curtains for the closet instead, and the intention of purchasing blinds for the window is becoming a reality.  Either way, the fabric will be a nice touch- just depends where it ends up!  (Closet doors were removed, and I really want to be able to hide that mess!)

We still don't have a dresser, even though I know the one I want.  I've been striking out lately, even though I did get excited when Kate @ Centsational Girl found the same one I was looking for, and painted it white...  We're in the same area, and it seems that folks just love those dressers, and they either aren't selling them, or they're snatched up quick! But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one that was just posted about 30 min ago, and it's already white!  :)

I'm really having fun watching it all come together, and planning for what happens next, I'm just a bit anxious about it all getting done.  Looking at the calendar, there really are limited weekends left to work with.

How long did it take you to pull a room together?  Did you ever have a room that felt like it just wasn't going to EVER be done?  Do you work well under pressure, and deadlines?!  Do tell!

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