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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recovering a Glider Ottoman: Polka Dots

I was excited to have energy this weekend, but I'm disapointed at how fleeting that little bit really is...  Sunday became the day to do some of our first nursery projects (9 weeks now, we should get moving!)

My first project- one to really dig in and finish wasn't small- well, the piece itself is small, but the project wasn't!  Today I recovered the ottoman that matches the glider I purchased for the nursery:

I've recovered furniture before... in fact, these two projects, Tiny Footstool, and the Grey bench should have given me the practice I needed for this project.  I should tell you though, that Dutalier, the manufacturer of our glider, really makes quality product, which made the initial dismantling more difficult than expected!

The blue fabric was the victim of a horrible recovering job (I purchased the glider chair and ottoman at a garage sale in a nice neighborhood by our house).  They just stapled blue fabric OVER the existing dirty upholstery!  So while the first layer of fabric came off easy, the second did not.  Using the best tools I knew, I pried about 150 staples out of the cushion until there was a clean (enough) layer to work with.

(yikes!  The fabric was just trying to JUMP off this ottoman because it had been done so poorly!)

(surprise!  There's another layer of fabric under there!)

Turning it upside down allowed me to remove the cushion much easier

Conveniently, the black mesh covering had holes cut out for where the screws held the top to the bottom

Take a look at all those staples!

Then, finally was the *easy* part: laying the fabric out, cutting to size, and stapling the new fabric around.  The corners were tricky, but I did them the same way I have on my other pieces (they have two folds rather than the typical "professional" way of having one fold on each corner.)

I left the black mesh backing on so that the screw holes would remain visible, thus making screwing it back together easier.  And also, I left a small amount of the old fabric and staple lines on the underside.  It just wasn't worth prying them ALL out.

(picture with flash...)

(picture without flash... in a poorly lit room...)

I'm pretty happy with the results, and glad that the chair/glider itself just needs the cushions recovered, which should be made quick work of with the sewing machine.

A full shot of the glider, which is next:

Until then, I leave you with a few more progress sneak peaks of the nursery-to-be.  Oh, and let me just tell you that we DID purchased the following today:

-  40 ft of beadboard
-  Chair-rail to cap beadboard
-  Baseboards (for the 3 carpeted bedrooms!)
-  Olympic NO VOC paint in PPG color "Lime Green":

Z filled holes, sanded, and painted the ceiling today.  Now we're really on our way!  I'll be hitting that green (in more ways than one!) paint up this week.  :)

Tons of small holes were filled, and the closet doors were removed...

...which left some really hefty holes that required wood fill, not even spackle would do the trick on those bad boys!

Baby steps to the finish line, but it feels like we're on our way now.  I can't wait to see the paint up!

Thanks for stopping by :)
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