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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black and White All Over

Just call me Picasso.  yea!  I painted! 

As I alluded to a few weeks back during my office post, I joined a friend, and painted one Sunday morning in my pjs!

This canvas is gallery style wrapped, and purchased at Michael's with a coupon of course.  :)  I chose a black and white pattern option, similar to a fretwork pattern since the opposite room will have a zebra ottoman one of these days.

I wanted a border on the edge of the canvas so just eyeballed it and added some strips of painters tape. 

Then, I actually made two templates, and traced both- one for the outside line of the black spots, and one for the inner. 



(can you see the pencil lines?  It's really faint...)

Next, I just took some time and painted two coats of black acrylic paint in a sort of coloring book style!  Yea, it took a few hours, but painting with friends is super duper fun!




A few days later, I pulled the tape off, and reapplied further in the center so I would then be able to paint my entire black border.

For now, it's hanging horizontally, but if we get an entryway table, the option to turn it vertically is there.  :)

There's that bench again.  And yes, I did decide to paint it black, I just haven't done that yet.  Soon I hope.  So, for now I'm enjoying the graphic print, especially since the wall is sort of an extension off the room I'm considering to be my more modern taste, with the orange curtains and all.  :)

So, what do ya think?  It's pretty contrasty, no?  And, doesn't the painting just solidify the fact that the bench!  I think, yes.  :)
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