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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More on the living room...

Continuing with the living room re-decorate, I pulled out the trusty sewing machine, and sewed me up some pillows!

No tutorial here, because as I was making them, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, so I didn't take photos.

Remember this post where I showed you my inspiration and the fabrics I purchased to get the room going?  Well, here are photos of the 16" pillow cases I made:


Back, with an envelope closure

BUT, let me just tell you... it's all straight seams, so who needs a tutorial?  I used the old pillow covers as a size guide, and just cut my fabric about 1 1/2" bigger.  I made an envelope closure, which while inside out to sew it did stump me for a min.  I just suggest to pin it all up and basically turn it right side out to make sure it's what you want, then turn it inside out again, and sew!

So the room is coming together.  Here's the inspiration again along with the fabrics I chose:

Plus, on my shopping trip post, I learned I wasn't crazy to create a zebra ottoman.  Hey, if Target has my idea, then it's gotta be a good one, right?!  :)  You should check that post out...

What do you think about these?  The color "goes" with the curtains I also made, but is still far enough from them that it's not too much orange.  The rest of the pillows will be different colors!  And, I'm going to paint my small bench black, and that blue top will really pop!

I'm tired again tonight.  I know this is a phase, but I'm missing checking up on everyone's good work.  I hope you all have a great Thursday!
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