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Thursday, January 21, 2010

VOTW #4: Bye Bye Blank Canvas

We're ba-ack...

This week's episode of VICTORY OF THE WEEK has me giddy as a school girl to share with you that I'm painting my very first painting on a real(ly) big canvas, and plan to actually hang it in the house!  Eek.  So, technically my victory is yet to come, but I am stoked that I've got a direction.  This week is also different, because I need your help.

So, my date, the one with the 30x40" gallery style canvas, and a bunch of paint is Sunday morning with my friend Danica, who also will be painting up a storm on her own canvas.  The only problem?  I'm not quite sure what I'm striving for on the finished product!

Bye, bye, blank canvas:

Because I'm intending to have this large canvas on a wall with a valted ceiling, and adjacent to my new modern living room (that I'll be working on this weekend too), I wanted a bold, geometric pattern.  I've really been loving the fretwork, and ladder styles lately, so I wanted your opinion!

First off, the wall color is currently painted "Cappuccino" by Restoration Hardware:

Secondly, the art will need to blend well with the orange accents and the blue walls in my new living room decor (click here to see the full post).  Here's a current photo of the wall... it's towards the left of the photo below that the new art piece will be hanging on.

But, here's the "new" living room inspiration photo, so replace those brown drapes above with these, and throw in a wild zebra ottoman:

(our floors will even be dark brown like this soon)

So, here are my ideas for my artwork for this weekend... very modern, geometric, fretwork type patterns.  I do need help with the colors still too!










So, color suggestion?  The ottoman in the middle of the adjacent room is going to be black and white zebra print, so I was thinking a high contrast on the artwork would be good.  Black and white may be too contrasty, but maybe dark grey and white?  Or even muted orange or red and white?

And, what about pattern?!  I would love to do the whole wall like option number 1 above, and kind of am leaning towards that shape.

You guys out there have a better eye than me who sees the same entryway everyday, so let me know your thoughts!  OR- is there an even better option that I don't have here?!  I NEED to know!

Anyway, I can't wait to read all about YOUR Victories this week.  Remember to link to your post, and grab a button, or add a link so that everyone can blog hop.

*MckLinky was having some problems earlier, so lets hope it works now.*

Can't wait to show you all my final product soon!  Happy weekend everyone, lets party cause it's Friday!

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