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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bookshelf Design Dilema

In continuing the honesty about my projects gone bad (see this one, and this one) I figured now was the best time to join up with Amanda in her Decorating Dilemmas Party.  :) (Make sure you stop by her party, on 2/10/10, here)

So, what I'll share today in the way of a dilemma is this leaning bookcase flanking one side of our fireplace in the family room:

(that clock used to be above the fireplace, but it loses battery life very quickly)

Oh, this bookshelf isn't the only thing wrong with this room (ie, that large H-frame brick fireplace, for starters.  Oh, and the white table does NOT sit in front of the fireplace, it was just moved there before I took this photo.

I feel like with endless funds, I could shop the stores, and put something together on this leaning shelf.  My problem is that 1. I don't have endless funds, and 2. I don't have endless time to shop those stores!  I look at enough inspiration photos you'd think I'd be able to pull something together. 

It's a great style, but I only have 1 (two would have been perfect- one for each side of the fireplace!).  It's a total of 5 shelves, gradually getting deeper as you go down.  Right now, it's got a mix of items from my Nana, things I picked up at some thrift stores, and other items from Christmas and clearance sales.

A few times, I've posted about things on the shelf, but never about the shelf itself.  (that sounds silly, say it three times fast?)  It offers the perfect spot for display in our room, that's undergoing it's renovation (see the inspiration here, and some of the project completed here)

I'd like to avoid it looking incredibly cluttered, but still cohesive and pulled together.

Here are some inspiration photos I think I could pull off:

Love those large baskets on the bottom, and the combination of white dishes

Love the frames on the top shelf, and the similar toned vases on the middle shelf

I love the orb on this one, and in fact I have one similar already!  Plus, isn't the color of the shelf fantastic?

I like the pop of green in the frame on the top shelf

 Great glass jars on the bottom, plus I like the repeating pattern on the second shelf, and the topiary
Bold plants, and baskets.  'Nuff said.  :)

I like that mirror on the third shelf and the blue bowl

This one is great for so many reasons:  barn stars, decorative colored boxes, monograms, vertical books.  Plus, another orb.  :)

So, there we have it... my inspirational photos.

Here's what I take away from the photos:
1.  Baskets
2.  Hard back books, or albums, both vertically, and stacked horizontally
3.  Contrasting accessories
4.  Picture frames or mirrors
5.  Plants
6.  Barn Stars
7.  Decorative Boxes

I think most of these things I have already, and just need to play with accessories.  BUT, what would a dillema post be without needing, or expecting, assistance from the crowd?!  I think you're opinions are important since you see it with fresh eyes.

But, let's be real- I do realize this is clutter city right now, and that the fake ivy plant has-got-to-go.  Funny what a picture will help you figure out.

Plus, any ideas how to cover, get rid of, or otherwise alter that H-frame brick fireplace, circa 1970's?

Can't wait to see your ideas!  Go! :)

Make sure to visit Amanda's great party!

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