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Monday, December 21, 2009

White Table... Ottoman?

One of my first bartering victories came back in August, when I scored a long coffee table for $15 (and by long I mean about 4.5-5' long!).  It had only been priced at $30, but I thought I would test out my skills, and asked for it for $15.  It was kind of rough anyhow, so it probably was something they were having trouble selling.  They obliged at my price, and I also walked out with a $5 end table with a drawer (that's another project collecting dust in my garage... sigh)



I went to work almost right away on this table.  I removed some odd decorations that were stapled to the legs... they pulled right out.

(that's real distressing... can't fake that!)

Then, I filled in the holes on the underside of the table and sanded it down.  I used spray primer on this piece.

(there's that side table I purchased too, in the top corner)


Because I knew I was trying my hand at distressing, I "faked" wood by painting the corners, and other areas I would sand down after the white paint coat was done by spraying brown paint.  Then, I painted with Heirloom White.


I wanted to try my hand at distressing, so I gathered some heavy metal objects into a sock, and hit the table to really get the agression out!  (the sock included: 1 old metal shower head, nuts & bots, screws, and some chain...)


The weirest thing happened.  I found the bag of metal goodies bouncing right off the table top!  It's clearly made of something different than the legs, as they distressed nicely...

I tried to make dents and dings in the top but it wasn't happening.  I ended up making it look too junky by scratching it up, so I ended up re-painting it.  I first used Rustolem's spray paint of Heirloom White, but then switched to a pint of the same paint (this comes premixed... it was about $9 for the pint.)

Then, I used the wipe on poly like I did on the buffet project and the chair project.  It's simple, easy, and not messy...

 Here it is dolled up for Christmas.  See the rest of my indoor spaces in this post and my outdoor space here.

The table has been inside for a while, but I'm still not convinced I like it 100%.  I had been on the lookout for a new table that I could turn into a padded ottoman.  UNTIL-- I saw THIS POST over at Recaptured Charm:


I'm SO Doing this!  Just need to find the best fabric now.  I think I'll wait till the popcorn is down, and the floors are in though.   What should I use?  The floors are going to be dark brown, the rug is light tan/grey, and the couches are khaki (for now...) with Blue walls.

What do you think?!  I'm excited I found this after searching the great projects the first time I joined the Saturday Night Specials at Funky Junk.


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