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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Spaces 2009

Here's a chance for you to view my Christmas decor spaces, for 2009! 

It certainly helped THIS year, that LAST year I purchased much of my decor on clearance.  It made opening the boxes fun this year for a few reasons: 1.  I had so much more decor to play with than last year, and 2.  I knew I purchased it all for a grrrrrrrrrr-eat (yes, Tony the Tiger voice...) price!  I rock.  Yes, I'm patting myself on the back right now.  :)


Please ignore the 70's style "H" fireplace.  This will be covered (eventually) with drywall, and the ty mounted there.  Yes, it goes FLOOR to Ceiling.  Awesome.  not.

(notice the only presents under the tree have the Monogram gift tags on them?  Check those out here)


(I'll show you how to make those Rhinestone Cone Trees soon!)


Back Door + Wine cabinet

(It finally started raining here in CA!)

Kitchen Window

Vignette, Buffet

(please excuse the blue tape.  We are adding new hinges to the buffet.  Plus, check out how to make the dog silhouettes here and the tinsel garland trees here)

(ready for the Cookie Party.  We don't always have cheese out on the furniture...)

Holiday Table

(I made this table runner the other night.  I'll post that soon too)

I love seeing all of the decor around the house, but seeing these photos makes me realize that I need some bigger decor peices.  Note to self for what I'll look for at THIS year's clearance sales.

Glad you stopped by, again, and I'll have better photos next year, I promise!  :)

Oh, and check out my 2009 Glittery Green Outdoor space!
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