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Monday, February 1, 2010

How I arrange a Picture Ledge Gallery Wall

One of my favorite features of our living room is the picture ledge gallery wall that we installed about a year ago.  I really like the Pottery Barn versions, but they used to be too deep, sticking out off the wall around 10".  They now make a much shallower version called the Holman Shelf.  During a trip to IKEA, I found shallower shelves, that were exactly what I wanted!  They came in white and black, so I picked up two of the 6' version in black.

Here are two options, as your base, for creating a gallery ledge wall:

The Pottery Barn version of the Holman ledge only comes in lengths up to 4', and is $55/ea.
The IKEA version of the Ribba ledge that was 6'+ was $19.99/ea.  :)

Pottery Barn Holman Shelf:


IKEA Ribba ledge:

I went to work creating a collage of my photography in many different style framing options.  I tried to mix black, white, wood, and silver tones, in hopes that I wouldn't be fixed in one style as I shop and come across frames I like.

The ledges make it easy to quickly rearrange our photos, and I love that they just lean- much more modern than hanging them all on the wall.  (not to mention that I don't have tons of holes in the walls now)

So I tried different combos of heights and colors, along with frame mats and colors.  While prepping for this post, I literally heard a crash as one of my frames came tumbling off the ledge.  But that's for another day.

Here are a few different arrangements I created...

Grouping Browns together

Grouping green based photos together

Grouping black and whites...

And ultimately the version we have now:


(there's the orange curtains.  SQUEAL!!  Check out the sneak peak here)

Sorry for the glare, but you get the idea...

And yes, it's all my photography.  :)

I like to add in little adornments during the holidays.  For example, I had some glittery snowflakes randomly on the shelf, and I'm sure the upcoming months will see flowers, stars, and other small knick knacks.  :)

Oh yea, and the other thing about ledges?  They get dusty.  Take a rag to them every so often to keep the focus on the art, not the layer of fluffy dust!




And, to note, I had originally titled this post "How To Arrange..." but quickly realized this is only how I arrange it, with what I have now, and to my preference.  There are so many options out there, so get creative!

So anyway, I hope you will share your photo displays too.  It's so very personal, but I absolutely think this type of display has allowed me to display my ever changing art.  :)  I love it!
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